War On Boys

A lovely description of a boy by Mark Entrekin. Sadly not everyone has such an open and loving heart as Mark. When it comes to boys some people's hearts are filled with loathing and hate.
What Is a Boy?

I'd not realised just how much boys were being descriminated against until surfing the internet I was astounded to learn that in America they have a 'Take Your Daughter To Work' Day. Daughters? I didn't understand.. What about the Sons? Do American Sons have a day all to themselves like American Daughters do? It seems not. I was utterly disgusted.

Then in October last year (1999) I built a web site to promote Britain's Millennium Children's Promise Final Hour Appeal. For which, seven National Charites and the British public had agreed to work together. Each citizen was asked to donate their 'Final Hour's' Wage for the Appeal. As the idea caught on and Governments of other Countries did their bit to make a difference in children's lives, I added their Millennium Appeal information to my web Site. However, when I looked at the American White House Home Page, more specifically the President's wife's Page I felt it my moral duty to remove all Links to the USA Appeal.

You see, when the idea was conceived, it was to help CHILDREN. Just plain, ordinary every day children who needed help or support in whatever way. The plan wasn't to help Good Children or Bad Children neither was it for Purple-Eyed Children or Children with three thumbs, it was an appeal to help ALL Children of the New Millennium. But reading down the list of Charities on the President's wife's Youth Page, I found descriptions such as: "To help raise young women's and girl's self esteem". A most admiral cause, of course - but this was a Government inititave.. Where was the charity to: "Help young men and boys to stop committing suicide"..? In fact, there were no such charities listed. Some were indeed universal, but most were aimed soley at 'Helping girls' and so, after much heartsearching I felt that morally and ethically I had no choice but to delete all mention of any American 'Children's' Charities from my Site.

Now, you may ask, why would someone in Britain care what's going on with American Boys?.. First of all, boys are children - and it doesn't matter where children live we should ALL care about ALL children. Secondly, the feminist agenda, though not yet so rigidly adhered to here in Britain, is no less frightening. We're already at the point of demonising all men - how soon before we start on Boys?

My sole intention of putting forward the articles and reports below is in the hope that you will first decide for yourself if there is indeed a 'War on Boys'. And then act!

The war against boys

A Man's Life: The War On Boys - Links

Kathleen Parker
Boys should be boys

The war against boys


Two Stories. Three Victims. But only the youngest a 'criminal'

Kathleen Parker's excellent expose' of double standards in gender equality.
I'd like to hear the feminists explain this one away!
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Finding out where the boys are

Boy, 5, arrested after park squabble

It's tough to be a boy in American schools

Do boys need to be liberated from patriarchy or from feminism?

Boy who attempted suicide left hanging from belt at Florida

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The man who speaks for boys

'It's a bad time to be a boy'

Where you might see a boisterous boy...
..gender activists in America see a potential high school killer

Something just for boys

Colleges lowering bar to get moreómales?
Girls passed over to close gender gap

Two articles from Australia
The trouble with boys

Will boys be boys?
Society is turning against boys when what they need is help

Men & Boys Massacred; UN Sits on Hands

UK: Parents should concentrate on protecting their sons

How Feminist Schooling Harms Boys

Saving the boys from the gender benders

Until you read thia news article, you might wonder why it's here on my 'War On Boys' Page. Sadly the judge is only in trouble for sending a 15 year old girl to jail. No mention is made by the 'caring' groups of the two boys, aged 14 and 15 who received jail sentences too.
Judge is criticised for jailing girl, 15, over fire

By ProfessorChristina Hoff Sommers
The War on Boys - Part One

By Professor Christina Hoff Sommers
The War on Boys - Part Two

By Professor Christina Hoff Sommers
Where the Boys Are

Girls are Beneficiaries of Gender Gap

Feminists focus on the little pitchers

Our Sons, Our Schools

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